New UAV Testing, Training and Development site now available

40 acre aviation center east of Lower Otay Reservoir

Nichols Field Airport:

Tactical Drone Solutions (“TDS”) has developed a new, full-service UAS testing, development and training center located at Nichols Field airport, a private-use airport east of the Lower Otay Reservoir south of San Diego, CA. The airport is an aviation hub and the site of civilian and military parachute training. The airport consists of a 40-acre parcel bordered by the Otay Mountain Wilderness Area to the south and east, Otay Lake to the west, and Otay Lakes Road to the north. The location encompasses uncontrolled airspace, with the floor of Class B airspace at 4,800’. The entire property is outside Brown Field Municipal Airport Class D airspace.

TDS has created the opportunity for UAV companies and government agencies to utilize the site for their required testing, training and development activities.  This site is not affiliated with the UAV test site located by High Tech High in Chula Vista. However, unlike the Chula Vista site, the Nichols Field site offers significant facilities, privacy, services, opportunities and amenities that UAV industry firms will find desirable.

  • 40-acre unobstructed flight area on the property, and hundreds of acres additional flight areas to the east, west and south.
  • No power lines.
  • Large, private indoor classrooms/lab areas with electricity, heat and a/c. Includes tables, chairs, large-screen TV, refrigerator, microwave.
  • High-speed Internet & WiFi.
  • Electricity.
  • Well maintained portable restrooms.
  • 2,000’ paved runway.
  • Large parking lot.
  • Private operating areas.
  • Hangars and buildings for indoor UAS testing and training.
  • Water.
  • Private, out-of-sight areas ideal for confidential or classified operations.
  • On-site TDS support staff.
  • Ability to conduct activities that require FAA waivers (i.e. §107.29 – Daylight Operations, § 107.25 – Operation from a Moving Vehicle or Aircraft, etc.)

There is an hourly charge for use of the property. Shared-use and exclusive-use rates are available.

Exclusive to UAV Activities – No parachuting, skydiving, ultralight or other aviation activities take place when the site is contracted for your UAV activities.

See video and images of the site below.

To more information and to request a tour of the site and services, contact Ron Lee at 619-247-4525, or via email at

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