TDS CEO Ron Lee discusses rogue drone incursions at LA Pollstar Live event.

On February 13th, TDS CEO Ron Lee conducted a presentation to Pollstar Live attendees on the issue an emerging threat:  unauthorized and rogue drone incursions at highly attended public events, venues, concerts, stadiums and festivals.

Drone-based threats are already exploiting security gaps for hacking, espionage, creative content theft and to cause physical harm or damage. As Ron told his audience: with an expected seven million drones in the hands of US customers by 2020, this threat, and the need to deal with it grows daily.

Attendees were given a short primer on the issue of rogue drones, and what can be done to detect, identify and mitigate the unauthorized use of these agile aircraft. The use of currently-available drone detection and identification technologies was highlighted so that venue operators know what they can and cannot do to enhance public safety and protect valuable creative content. Afterwards, guests were invited to see a static demonstration of the TDS Hoverfly tethered drone system, a key piece of technology for myriad venues and events.