Hoverfly Tethered UAS platforms

TDS sells, services and supports Hoverfly’s Tier-1 tether-powered drones for customers who need persistent aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

The Livesky SENTRY is an ultra reliable and fully autonomous aerial sensor platform that can operate day and night, even in rough weather. It can be configured with a variety of secure sensors and communication payloads.

Its tether technology provides continuous power and persistent aerial coverage.
Its simple five-button control makes it easy to operate. And it can operate autonomously from anywhere — even atop a vehicle or in the back of a pick-up truck. Put Hoverfly’s Livesky SENTRY to work as part of your team. And keep watch from 200 feet above the scene.

TDS UAS consulting services

TDS provides critical, deliverable consulting services to organizations and agencies that require evaluation, selection and implementation of persistent aerial ISR and news-gathering technologies.

Our subject-matter experts bring decades of real-world industry experience to the table, allowing our clients to avoid costly mistakes while deploying the RIGHT solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

For US-based operations, we have decades of experience working with the FAA and acquiring Certificates of Authorization and/or Waiver for operations in controlled airspace. Thus, we can acquire our clients the FAA authorizations or waivers needed for any UAS operation.

From needs assessment and FAA assistance to system selection and implementation, count on TDS.

Contracted services for event/incident coverage

Not all clients need to purchase or lease their own tethered UAS. For those who don’t, TDS provides the systems, payloads and pilots required for those occasional, emergency, one-off or unplanned situations in which tethered UAS  are the right solution. Our pilots and platforms are available 24X7, allowing agencies and organizations the flexibility to put Hoverfly systems to work  when needed the most.

All TDS pilots, engineers and system administrators have the industry and system experience to quickly, safely and cost-effectively put Hoverfly systems in to service for just the times you need them.

And, we can acquire all FAA, local, municipal  and property-owner authorizations required for us to provide persistent aerial coverage for for our clients.

Cost effective aerial solutions

TDS Hoverfly systems and services are designed not just to solve problems or provide greater, actionable intelligence. They’re engineered, built, tested and put in to service in order to accomplish the mission at hand in the most cost-effective manner. Cost of system ownership, and our contracted services compliment our client’s business cases every time.

Contact us today for information and Hoverfly UAS product support.