TDS’s wide array of meaningful and compelling aerial services includes professional drone video and still cinematography services for corporate, private, sporting and other entertainment events. Every flight is executed by one of our very experienced, FAA-certificated drone pilots. All S.I. pilots are FAA Part 107 Certificate holders.

We specialize in drone video and still image capture for special events, including private parties, corporate events, cruises, concerts, block parties, sporting events and more. We serve as the exclusive provider of drone services for the USS Midway Museum and the Hotel del Coronado, and their hundreds of event clients every year.

Unlike other drone operators, we don’t “tell” you what shots we should get: we first ask what YOU want us to capture, then follow up with suggestions based on what our experience shows will help “tell your story” in the most effective and meaningful way. All images and video are shot in HD or 4K UHD.

We can live-stream your drone video in high resolution to screens at your event, allowing your guests, spectators or partners to see all the action live from the air.

And, we can live-stream the video to social media and a wide array of streaming media platforms, allowing for deployment to audiences world-wide. Using Facebook Live, YouTube Live or our own customized streaming media systems, you can engage your audiences on mobile, tablet or computer just about anywhere.

Tactical Drone Solutions possesses the required FAA Waiver for night small unmanned aerial system operations, (FAA waiver 107W-2019-00865). This means we can operate our fleet of professional camera drones both day and night, capturing the most stunning images and video.

We charge based on the hours you want us on-site and documenting your event. We don’t charge per-video or per-photo rates because those lead to poor quality results. Drone service providers who work by this billing model have incentive to “shoot and run” on to the next project. When you contract for us to be on-site for a specific period of time, we are YOURS for that entire time, and everything we shoot is yours to use. Thus, we can capture significantly greater volumes of quality, usable digital content that is the result of professional planning and execution.

Whenever flying controlled airspace, an FAA  authorization is required. We apply for and receive this authorization through the FAA’s LAANC system, (or use our existing Wide Area Authorizations for certain areas), and provide you with verification of the approval we receive.  We also coordinate our activities with air traffic control towers as required. For night drone camera projects, we apply for and receive the necessary FAA waivers for flights between sunset and sunrise.

We provide a minimum $2Million Public Liability/Property Damage insurance, and name all necessary parties as Additional Insured. (Clients, venues and the municipality in which we are operating are always included as Additional Insured.)

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