Counter Drone Consulting

TDS provides comprehensive consulting services to organizations, venues, property owners and events that face the very real threat of unauthorized drone incursions.

Drone-based threats are already exploiting security gaps for hacking, espionage, creative content theft and to cause physical harm or damage. With an expected seven million drones in the hands of US customers by 2020, this threat, and the need to deal with it grows daily.

Our partners and subject-matter-experts help customers integrate meaningful, effective and  customized counter-drone operations and technology into their existing security programs. We help clients determine what response is required based on assessment of real-time and predicted drone threat traffic.


Drone Detection and Identification Services

We provide robust drone detection and identification hardware and software systems with tools from a variety of advanced  technology partners.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future,  private citizens and organizations are prohibited from utilizing counter-drone mitigation systems.  (Jamming, capturing or disabling perceived drone threats.) Only certain federal, state and local public agencies are (or will be) vested with the authority to mitigate actual drone threats. However, these agencies will rely on venues, property owners and events to collect the required drone traffic data they need to actually stop or otherwise mitigate drone threats at their properties. This data is collected via the drone detection and identification systems TDS provides to its clients.

Next Steps...

Contact us today and find out how TDS can help detect, identify and deal with the drone threats your property, stadium, venue, festival or event is facing today and in to the future.